What we do…

Lakeshore’s Bride is Chicagoland’s resource for the sophisticated bride-to-be in creating the best and brightest in upscale weddings. We offer news on trends in wedding and event design, reception experience planning and cultivating the once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon that every Lakeshore bride dreams of. If you’re looking for the best in Chicagoland wedding planning, we’ve got it here at Lakeshore’s Bride.

We also feature a monthly Lakeshore Bride from among our readers. So if you’re recently wed and would like to be featured as Lakeshore Bride of the month, please submit photos and a brief description of your wedding planning and event experience, and you may be featured in our next monthly feature. Submit photos and description to LakeshoreBride@ClefNotesJournal.com. (Photos become property of Lakeshore’s Bride and will be used only in event that you are featured as Lakeshore Bride of the month.)

Click here and sign up for free to receive our weekly E-publication “Lakeshore’s Bride” to get the latest news and information on Chicagoland’s elite world of wedding-planning along with great resources and ideas for realizing the perfect Lakeshore Bride’s honeymoon!


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